Project Modules

This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
josef-core josef-core mainly consists of utility classes
josef-demo-ejb josef-demo-ejb provides ejbs for demonstration purposes only
josef-demo-jar-faces josef-demo-jar-faces contains common functionality for the different josef-demo-web-... projects
josef-demo-jpa josef-demo-jpa contains some example JPA entities
josef-demo-web Demonstrates Josef's basic web support (servlets)
josef-demo-web-angular Demonstrates AngularJS in combination with some Josef functionality
josef-demo-web-faces Demonstrates the Josef's components using standard JSF
josef-demo-web-primefaces Demonstrates the josef-web-primefaces-taglib components
josef-ejb josef-ejb provides a generic crud service
josef-jar-faces JSF Validators, JSF Converters and JSF Composite Components, plus numerous JSF beans.
josef-web-faces-taglib JSF tag library for standard JSF components.
josef-web-primefaces-taglib JSF tag library for Primefaces JSF components.
josef-demo-rest-ws Contains demos of RESTful web services
josef-js JavaScript Support