josef changelog transcending all Josef's modules

Release 3.0.46

Switched to Log4J/2 from JUL.
Tests are run in the same vm again (reuseForks=true) in pom.xml.

Release 3.0.41

Upgraded to PrimeFaces 5.3

Release 3.0.35

Now handles a short and numeric format besides the default long format.

Release 3.0.31

Now has a skipAjaxUpdate attribute. When skipping the ajax update you are responsible for updating this field!

Release 3.0.30

Added option to inputText to skip the ajax update of this component. Sometimes this component is used in combination with an ajax update of the form anyway, so Josef's update can be skipped to save an extra server round-trip.

Dropped the widgetVar attribute from the implementation as it wasn't even defined in the implementation.

Release 3.0.29

Upgraded to Primefaces 5.1.11.

Release 3.0.24

Added another getString method to be backwards compatible. I did not want to use the signature: public String getString(String key, String defaultValue, Object [] arguments) but I could not use: Object... since it would conflict with an existing method. In hindsight I should have used two different method names.

Release 3.0.23

Added josef-demo-web-angular module.

Release 3.0.8

Dropped josef-selenium module. Integration tests are now executed using Selenium IDE.

Release 3.0.5

Switched to openjpa version 2.2.1.

Release 3.0.4

Switched back to using openjpa since other projects depending upon Josef excluded Josef's dependency upon the open jpa libaries.

Release 3.0.3

The pom files now all use the new josef.version property of the master pom. This should make it easier to release a new version of Josef.

Switched to using openjpa-all since other projects depending upon Josef use this artefact as well and this prevents two openjpa libraries to occur in ear files et cetera.