The josef logo

What's a programmer to do when he can't draw a logo? I tried to draw several logo's but time and time again I discovered that drawing is not one of my skills. As a programmer I actually only had one choice: Make a program that creates the logo. After giving this some thought I decided there is no better way to program a logo than using the Logo programming language.

Around 2000 I wrote a Logo interpreter using Java compiler compiler technology. The Logo is formed by rotating 10 pentagons. This gives an interesting result since it looks like the logo contains a couple of 3D cubes. The actual code I wrote looks like this:

repeat 10 [ 
    repeat 5 [ 
        forward 25 right 360 / 5 
    right 360 / 10 

The code can be written on a single line like this:
repeat 10 [repeat 5 [forward 25 right 360 / 5] right 360 / 10
but was split up here to make the code more readable. If you are interested in the Logo language, originally invented by Seymour Papert at MIT, then check out: What is LOGO? or try logo in your browser.