Release josef snapshot

A snapshot release is performed often and normally contains few changes. Execute the next steps in order to create a snapshot release.

Step 1 - Pre conditions

  • Make sure that your database server is running
  • Check in all artifacts

Step 2 - Build josef

Make sure that josef is the current directory and execute the command: mvn clean install. Correct errors if they occur and retry until compilation is successful.

Step 3 - Execute Integration Tests

Deploy the josef-demo-web-primefaces war to TomCat from within Eclipse. After opening eclipse make sure to update all maven projects. Make sure that the TomCat directory does not contain old jar files. ...\.metadata\.plugins\org.eclipse.wst.server.core\tmp0\wtpwebapps\josef-demo-web-primefaces\WEB-INF\lib

Now use FireFox to test with the Selenium IDE. There are four testSuite.html files that need to be executed in this order: smoke, converter, validator and component.

Step 4 - Deploy

Make sure that josef is the current directory and execute: mvn deploy. This will place the josef artifacts in Nexus.