Josef (Java Open Source Experience Framework)

Josef is the successor to jxpfwExternal link to jxpfw
As its predecessor, Josef adds a thin layer of code over Oracle's standards to aid the programmer.
In its core, Josef simply contains lots of utility classes that supply often used functionality. For example: Oracle supports enumerations and exceptions but does not support localizable enumerations or localizable exceptions. Josef however adds localization to both enumerations and exceptions. There are numerous other examples where you will find that Josef gives you just a little bit extra.
There is more to Josef than just its core classes however. Among other topics, you will find support for tag libraries, for PrimeFaces for example but also a tag library for core JSF.

Josef is available for JPA JSF
J2EE5 1.x 1.2
J2EE6 2.x 2.x

The source code and other related material is available under the GNU Lesser Public License.

Where to go from here?
Either select: Josef for J2EE5 or Josef for J2EE6.


A second draft of CRUD applications using JPA and JSF has been created.